Desk Doodle 2: Dragons and Dames

It’s the end of my class; I’ve just gotten done wrapping my mind around the concept of language among animals, contemplating whether or not the Waggle Dance that bees do is fascinating or adorable, and whether it’s a safe idea to teach primates sign language (real life Planet of the Apes anyone?!). I’m thinking about finals, and my near move to Seattle, and whether I should wear a casual dress or a nice skirt to the awards banquet I’m attending for my induction into Kappa Tau Alpha Honor Society, when I look over and see it: Desk Doodle 2.

desk doodleI immediately (and embarrassingly) whip out my camera, thinking once again about how amazing it is that people find the time to create pieces of art in an hour and forty-five minute class. It is a simple piece, but I think it has a sense of charm. The mystery artist seems to have a degree of comfort with their craft, because the lines are bold and sure, and the only smudging is done to add feeling below the dragon. I wonder even now how this drawing could have expanded, had the spiritless student been given a bit more time (I’m picturing castles, unicorns–you know, medieval stuff).  So I pose the question once again:

Is this art?



Desk Doodle–or–What is ART?

I sat down in my desk at school last week, fully ready and eager to give input on the discussion the class was about to have, when I was suddenly distracted; there was a doodle on my desk which–despite its lack of complexity and slight smudge from previous seat-occupants–was actually pretty good. I sat and admired, quickly snapping a picture before class began. As I half-listened to my professor talk about Frederick Douglass and the (not so) Civil War, I contemplated this little gem I had stumbled across;

Who had drawn this? How long had it taken? What was their inspiration? Was their class really that bad?


I spun over it, butterflies flapping away at my stomach as I rehearsed all of the fun things I could write about regarding this simple desk-doodle, when I stopped and pondered; was this really art? I write about art, and though there are a lot of things I myself would consider to be art (have you heard of eye bombing?!), I wondered if others’ opinions might not be so lax? After all, I had read an article a while back that stated that a four-year-old girl’s doodle paintings were art (and selling for $24,000 mind you! It’s okay, all other striving artists can just find the nearest bridge), so I couldn’t decide where the rest of the world stands.

The dictionary says this:



  1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture,…: “the art of the Renaissance”
  2. Works produced by such skill and imagination.
craft – skill – artifice – science – workmanship – knack

What do YOU say?