Why Art Reno Today?

I pose this question to you because, a few years ago when I moved from Virginia City to Reno, I asked myself the same thing. When it came to a town fueled by gambling, alcohol, and people who’s personalities change like the weather, could a thriving art culture exist?

The question stewed at the back of my mind, coming to the surface when I came across one of the Art Town pieces scattered across town, as I wandered into coffee shops and browsed works of local artists, and inevitably as my eyes scanned the sun-soaked installations, resembling my sun-baked skin at the Annual Burning Man Festival. 

I’ve taken art classes, wandered through the museums and galleries, and networked with a few local artists in search of art in Reno. What I’ve found is pleasantly surprising; Reno not only has an art culture, but it has a thriving one–a community that has become one in its own, both taking definition from its surroundings, and influencing them. In fact, before we know it, Reno may reject its identity as a depressed black hole–void of light and color–and adopt a reputation anew, one that more accurately captures the imagination and ambition of the local crowd.

There seems to be a unique sense of creativity that comes from the isolated area; is it the water? The lack of further outlets for energy and idea? Or is it just that people in Reno recognize the need for beauty in expression for their savior, so they are willing to put in the added effort? Whatever the reason, Reno is a hidden gem of art and culture–a diamond in the rough–waiting to be dug up, polished, and put on display in the windows of the minds of the people of the world.

Here at Art Reno Today, I intend to display for everyone just how great Reno is. I want to take the reader behind the scenes and into the minds of local artists, explore the exhibits scattered around town, and dabble myself into the realm of local art. Each week will be a new interview, exhibit review, or DIY project centered on the city of Reno. 

I know how special Reno is, now it’s time for you!


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